iRacing.com: Vehicles

This is an internet based Racing Simulation Company owned by John Henry of the Boston Red Sox, and Rouch/Fenway Racing. The work is from 2005 to 2009. This is a small sample of some of the vehicles I modeled and textured.



I built and textured these medical helicopters based on the Eurocopter EC-135.
Here are most of the vehicles that are placed at each track. I was responsible for coming up with the required vehicles to fill out the tracks. Notice that there are "clumps" of vehicles to save geometry and time placing individual vehicles. I modeled most of these and modified others and textured some.
This is a shot to show you the infield terrain and population that you would see while driving. I was responsible for most of what you see here. I revised the terrain geometry, painted the infield textures, built the medical center/helicopter seen earlier (upper right), modeled most of the vehicles and people strips, placed/LOD'ed the vehicle and people groups, and 2D Art Directed the rest.