iRacing.com: Buildings

This is an internet based Racing Simulation Company owned by John Henry of the Boston Red Sox, and Rouch/Fenway Racing. The work is from 2005 to 2009. This is a small sample of some of the buildings I modeled and textured.



These garage suites were a last minute addition to the real track. I was responsible for modeling, mapping, LOD'ing, texturing, and scripting/placement in the engine. There is an interior to these. If you look in the lower right window facing the track; you can see a picture on the wall.
There was very little reference for these garages as they were brand new. It consisted of a track employee running out and taking a few shots. Therefore I modeled this the old fashioned way... Perspective-Matched Photo-Modeling.
These condos were built after the initial track laser-scan visit. The only reference I received was some photos and a few rough dimensions on paper. I then created the accurate models and textures based on that data. Again, I used Perspective-Matched Photo-Modeling to complete the work.
This is the new medical building in turn 3 at Charlotte. I built/mapped/textured the building. I also revised the infield geometry to reflect the revised area. I built the black camera boom as well as all of the vehicles and billboards in this shot. I also textured the infield terrain. You will see more of this in the next series of pictures.