Holistic Design: "Chaos Expansion Pack"

This was a Computer Games company specializing in strategy games. The work is from 1995 to 1998.

The images below were created for the PC game: "Warhammer 40,000: Final Liberation" that we made for Games Workshop. This is the "Chaos Expansion Pack" that added even more units to the original game. All of the 3D work was done in 3D Studio R4 and 3DS Max 1.



This is a Chaos Predator tank. I created this "upgraded" model based on a plastic model that GW manufactures.
I was also responsible for creating levels for the game. Here is one of my levels that I (or another artist) would use to layout the game tiles and objects to be placed. The small inset picture is a graphics representation of the level you see drawn. I created the overall game map that would show you the next area to be conquered. This small picture is a part of that map.
The building here I created in Max 1.0 and then made a 2D game tile and painted details on that image. The B&W picture is the drawing I developed while making the levels. I then used it to make my in game buildings. You can see the original in the level design map above this one.