Papyrus Racing Games:

This was a Computer Games company specializing in NASCAR racing games. The work was for 2 Triple-A boxed PC games: NASCAR RACING 2002, and NASCAR RACING 2003. The work is from 2001 to 2004.



I modeled/mapped/textured/scripted all of these vehicles except for the Papyrus rig. I modified the geometry and the texture map for that one. It was a challenge to make the vehicles realistic and believable at those resolutions and polygon count. They worked incredibly well in the game. In game they also had working lights and emergency lights that I scripted. So, if there was an accident, the emergency vehicles lights would flash. I also scripted the helicopter to fly around in the game and land. It had working navigational lights as well.

Here are some of the textures... ACTUAL SIZE! The model below uses all of the textures on the left side of this texture map.

This is a sample of the detail that can be achieved with the limitations of Polys and Pixels back in the early 2000's. These limitations were due to the graphics cards and the amount of objects that were required to fill out a NASCAR track. All of those objects added parallax to the drivers view which increased the sense of speed.