Papyrus Racing Games:

This was a Computer Games company specializing in NASCAR racing games. The work was for 2 Triple-A boxed PC games: NASCAR RACING 2002, and NASCAR RACING 2003. The work is from 2001 to 2004.



Here is a sample of the buildings I made at Papyrus. They were low-polygon models with textures as high as 1024 x 1024. Which was standard for those days. This is victory lane at Bristol. Since there was almost no space on the infield, a building had to pull double duty and the victor would drive up on top of the building.
This is the texture for the building. a 512 x 1024. Somewhat rare for us, as we usually stuck to the square, powers of 2 format. That's what video cards like best. Also notice that back then we had to paint the shadows manually.